Day 9: Alchemy        

Western alchemy desired to turn ordinary metal into gold. Eastern alchemy aspired to create a universal elixir which would grant immortality. Tyrant Qin Shi Huang Di (”Shi Huang Di” literally translates to “first Emperor”) was one notable character in history who desired this elixir of life. Though Qin unified Ancient China, amounting vast power & wealth in the process, he feared the inevitable. His greed, and ridiculous attempts for immortality ironically shortened his days when his alchemists produced mercury based elixirs. Needless to say, he died consuming these “immortality granting” mercury pills. Then there are those in history who have lived for neither gold nor long life; but for love. They are the ones who have sacrificed, hurt, and ultimately died for love. Love does not promise wealth, love enriches you. Love does not promise health, love heals, strengthens your soul & mind. It promises prolonged suffering. Love promises pain, and ultimately death. To die is gain, and an advantage. For what is grander than entering the unknown, to finally meet The Maker? Even if only the abyss would greet us, love will carry on. Carry on in stories, and lives of those we’ve touched. Though you will return to dust, your song will be echoed through out generations. Imagine; what kind of chemistry is that? What kind of alchemy grants transcendence over death?
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