Day 8: Hades        

Ever since youth, Orpheus was a gifted musician. So talented that he did not only charm humans, but animals as well. He could divert streams, even sticks and stones which were thrown at him fell to the ground because his music was so beautiful. Eurycide was also a beauty of sorts, beauty which attracted the wrong kind of attention. One particular Aristaeus had eyes for her, and chased her down. Desperate to escape his sexual advances, she runs and stops looking at where she’s going. She then stumbles, gets bitten by a poisonous snake, and dies. Mourning for his wife with his stringed instrument, the gods wept and advised Orpheus to go to the underworld. After serenading the boatman, and even the three headed dog, he met face to face with the god of the dead. Orpheus eloquently spoke of how “love had led [him] there, love, a god all powerful”. He reminded Hades that even he too once fell in love with his Queen. Melting the hearts of Hades and Persephone, Orpheus was granted his wish; with one condition. Eurydice must walk behind him as they travel upwards, and Orpheus is forbidden from looking back at Eurydice until they have exited the underworld. Ecstatic the lovers run for their lives, and surprise, surprise Orpheus looks back at Eurydice. In a split second she gets dragged down back to the underworld; this time for good. Love can resurrect even the dead, and give life to what was lost. Orpheus doubted just for a moment, and he lost the one he cherished the most. Leave no room for doubt, burn every disbelief. More than locking eyes, love looks ahead. Love moves forward without wavering. Cherish the ones you love, and be willing to die for them. Let them kill you if need be, but even through unjust death, always move forward.
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