Day 10: Hope

Hope is a tender cry for help. Hope is what remains when you have lost all else. They may take away the ones you cherish, those whom you love most. They may separate you against your will, and disregard your soul. Your heart may be ripped into pieces, and your soul less than whole; but they can never take away your hope. The light which guides you in the darkest night, the inexplicable trust of every human spirit. Trust that there is a love that defends the widow, carries the weary, and wipes away all tears. A love that can carry every burden and pain. There is a perfect love. Rest your heavy eyes in perfect love. Let it rejuvenate you, let it strengthen your bones. When you’ve hit rock bottom, there is no where to go but up. Look to the hill, where your help comes from. Look for love, for in it lies your salvation.
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