Day 39: Semper Fidelis 

In the words of Mother Teresa: “Love to be real, it must cost — it must hurt — it must empty us of self.” Love will crown, and crucify you. True love demands unwavering commitment, it demands daily self-sacrifice. Love that surrenders life in order to save it. No weight, no burden is too much for it. In your weakest moment it will carry you, never letting you fall. Should you fall, it will lift you up on eagle’s wings. It silences the roaring sea, and walks in midst the storm. Love that buries mountains in the depths of the ocean. Such love is a rarity, and beyond compare. To my dearest friend; this is the love that dwells within you. The love that pierces the darkness, and fights without fear. The love that sets you free. Your voice is your own, and only love can protect it. Even when you are unfaithful, it remains faithful. For you did not choose love, it chose you.
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