Day 18: Light as a feather

The ancient Egyptians believed that in death, every soul would have to pass through a hall where each would be judged according to their deeds in life. A deity would weigh their heart against an ostrich feather on scales which represented balance & justice. If their heart was heavier than the feather, it would be damned to a lake of fire or fed to a fearsome deity known as “the devourer of souls”. However if it balanced evenly against the feather, then the soul would be granted eternal life. The Egyptians lived according to “Ma’at law”; their concept of truth, harmony, morality, and justice. In this self absorbed age, selflessness can almost pass as an exotic trait. Yet it is to our own benefit if we live our lives for others. To die is gain, for there can be no life without death. Live not in fear, live not in guilt. Be true in your intentions, honest, and straight forward towards those who are not true to themselves. Do not be burdened by the world’s views but concentrate on matters of your heart, for those are the weights which hold you down even in death. Let it all go, leave it all behind. Free as a bird, light as it’s feather.   
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