Day 19: E·qua·nim·i·ty / n.

This latin derived word is a combination of "aequus" and "animus" (soul/mind) from the Latin phrase “aequo animo”, which translates: "with even mind”. Those who are destined to chase beauty are seldom blessed with equanimity. We experience the drunkenness of height, only to feel the gravity of reality dragging us down. In hardships, focus your thoughts on that which is selfless, and righteous. Know that there is no up without a down, no rise without a fall, no plant without a seed. As a tree’s branches, fruits, and trunk are all packed in a mere seed -- so is eternity filled in the divine seed within you. Quiet your mind to balance this chaos we call life. Life is shaped by your thoughts. Your thoughts may not cease your suffering, but it will determine what you become in the aftermath. What you think is what you become. Be calm, for every necessity  is within your reach. Command your soul, for it is the gateway between Spirit and body.
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