Day 29: The Moon

A luminance mystery covered in darkness. In whispers of the night, in your deepest slumber; it is the moon that watches over you. It knows your deepest, darkest secrets. Your terrible thoughts that linger at the corner of your mind. Thoughts that tip your heart in the balance. What is the moon in pale comparison to the glorious sun? It does not burn away the darkness as the burning wheel of the sun. Yet the moon serves a purpose even the sun cannot preach to the earth. That there is always a light looking over you, even in the darkest of nights. Swallow up the moon, and let it make you whole. Let every breath, and every moment life beats in your chest; make you love like the moon. Discreet lovers across oceans, kisses exchanged under the cover of night; the moon protects them all. Is it not the moon that dictates the waves to relentlessly kiss the shore? Is it not under the moonlight that lovers come out to meet? Do not fear the darkness of night, nor the horrors it may bring. There is always a light watching over you, even in the darkest of nights.
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