Day 28: The Sun

Is there anything more beautiful than the rising, and setting of the sun? Each new day she blesses us with the gift of light, and life. What is more selfless than the burning wheel of the sun? Shining down eternal light on everything, and everyone below the heavens. Only The Creator, who imagined the sun, and the source to it’s light, is greater. True beauty does not seek the approval of others, it is majestic through kind acts of love. Even if no one would be there to patiently await the rising of the sun; it will rise nonetheless. Even if no tongue would regard the painted sky as the sun sets, it is beautiful nevertheless. Nothing compares, nothing even comes close. Rise each morning with the love of a billion suns, and retreat to the night with the beauty of a thousand painted skies. Be magnanimous in victory, humble in retreat. Love like the rising, and setting of the sun; certain and everlasting.
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