Day 26: Absence

There is a fear that lies dormant in most of us; the fear of absence. Absence of love, absence of loved ones. A hidden beauty lies in absence. For it is only when those we cherish the most have gone away, that we truly realize their gravity. Through deserts of loneliness, and white sands of death; what memory will you hold dear at the end of your life? If our lives are not our own, if we live for those we love then surely we long for their presence. If we have already lived for them, died for them, and if they are what mattered most then, why not now? Cherish the love you have with those who matter most. No matter what you do in this life, do it with love. Spirit to bone, bone to flesh - do all things in love. Do it for those who you would live, and die for. It is in silent memories you shall be remembered. The fear that roots in your heart is in your hand, and not the tyrants. You are the Captain of your ship, in an ocean of grace. Sail, and guide your life to the ones who hold your heart.
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