Day 16: Waiting

During his time, Hachikō was one of 30 remaining purebred Akitas in Japan. Though he first caught the attention of his master’s student, it wasn’t until after a publication in the Tokyo Asahi Shimbun (Morning Sun Newspaper) when he became a national spotlight. For nine years, nine months, and fifteen days after Ueno's passing; Hachikō appeared precisely when the train was due at the station everyday, waiting for his master to return. They later discovered Hachikō suffered from dog heartworm, and terminal cancer. The legend of Hachikō became a national symbol of loyalty. Imagine: one dog’s faithfulness inspired an Emperor, and all of Japan. Faithfulness is trait of love, the beacon that illuminates love. There is an art to waiting, a right way of waiting. Waiting the right way means to wait with hope. Hope to see your loved one return home safe, and sound. Hope that everything will come alright for the ones you cherish most. Love is faithful, even through your worst suffering. Love is faithful till the end. 
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