Day 22: The Human Spirit

How beautiful is the Human Spirit? For centuries it has repeatedly manifested great deeds of love, partaking in selfless sacrifice for the relentless pursuit of the truth. We are unique in our distinction of right, and wrong. What other creature is bound to morals, and ethics? Good and bad is relative, but truth is objective. Which other creature has the capacity to destroy, or preserve all life on earth? What other life form can override their natural instinct for the unexplainable? Love is the unexplainable, the indescribable truth. The Human Spirit is a testament of love itself. Do not worry about the partiality and burdens of this world. You do not possess -- you are a spirit, reverently made to achieve the impossible. You are a light; do not let your fire burn out, do not let darkness overwhelm you. Like a lamp, guide the way, burning away the darkness. Though our bodies will return to dust, our spirit will return to the brightest lamp of all. Shine on, you were wonderfully, fearfully made. 
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